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Family Office Forum, Zurich 2016

The Speakers


The Family Office Forum Zurich is the annual meeting of Family Offices and UHNWI from all over the world,
a truly global gathering of Family Offices held in English:
November 2013: 164 Family Offices met in Zurich: See the 2013 report here
November 2014: 172 Family Offices met in Zurich: See the 2014 report here
November 2015: 162 Family Offices met in Zurich: See the 2015 report here
November 2016: 160+ Family Offices met in Zurich: See the 2016 report here
14 - 15 November 2017:  160+ Family Offices will meet again under one roof.
The Family Office Forum Zurich,  has a simple formula:
More Family Officers on stage than solution providers.
More Family Officers in the audience than solution providers.

Expect 160+ UHNWI and Family Offices.
No product presentations or specific pitches - topics covered are key issues of Family Offices, 
such as Asset Allocation, Operations and Tools. 


Listed below are speakers for the 2016 Zurich Family Office Forum.

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Dominik von Eynern
Blu Family Office

Dominik has more than 15 years of experience in financial derivatives, principal investment and business development. He comes from a business family now in the 5th generation..............

Sascha Klamp
Principal SFO Lecturer Cass Business School
Lecturer Henley Business School

Mr Sascha Klamp has a long track record of sourcing and selecting investment products on behalf of Lord Rothschild’s Family Office and RIT Capital plc (J Rothschild Capital Management/Windmill Hill Asset Management).............

Thomas Bodmer

Cultural Manager / Entrepreneur

Thomas works as a cultural manager in Austria and Switzerland. He also runs a business in real estate and accompanies two start-ups in the IT industry............

Dr. Julia Balandina Jaquier

Author of Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing

Julia is a recognized expert in impact investing and a trusted adviser to some of the largest HNW families, private foundations, international banks, and the Swiss and the UK Governments...........

Lenka Beinhoff
Founder & CEO
Beinhoff & Co. AG

Lenka Beinhoff is Founder and CEO of Beinhoff & Co. AG,, a Swiss Family Office, specialised on advising international families on the management..........

Hari Buggana
Managing Director

Hari Buggana is the Managing Director of InvAscent India – a private equity firm focused on Indian healthcare, pharma and medtech industries. .........

Cédric Köhler
Managing Partner
Venture Creathor

With almost 10 years of experience in venture capital, as a Managing Partner Cédric Köhler specializes in innovative business concepts in the technology sector.........

J Bradley Hall
Chairman and CEO
Icon Capital Reserve

J Bradley Hall - Chairman and CEO of ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA and founder of a number of successful financial technology companies who enjoys a reputation as a........

Lorenz Reibling
Chairman and Founding Partner
Taurus Global Real Estate Investment

Lorenz Reibling is focused on the development and nourishment of international relationships with investors and product sources predominantly in Taurus' non-US related businesses..............

Tobias Huber


Tobias Huber is the Global Head for Energy Services & Projects at Siemens Building Technologies, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. With regional hubs in the US, Europe, Germany and Middle East Asia his team manages the performance of 60.000 buildings across the globe...............

Dr. Vanessa Faktor
Workshop Dual

Vanessa studied for her doctorate at the University of St. Gallen specialising in the field of governance. As a research assistant, she coordinated governance workshops and seminars for directors of the board..............

Dr. Jan-Niklas Keltsch
Managing Partner
XL Health AG

Jan-Niklas is Managing Partner of XLHEALTH. Before joining XLHEALTH, Jan-Niklas developed an innovative hygiene product for the consumer market that is sold in over 4.000 retail outlets across Germany...............

Wolfgang Oepen
Urban City Consultants

With a background as head of Finance, Accounting and Controller, Wolfgang Oepen has worked since 1992 as a commercial developer in the property industry.............

Joseph Tenzin Oliver

Sustainability and Innovation Pioneer

Joseph Tenzin Oliver is a sustainability and innovation pioneer from the United Kingdom. His mission is to create, prototype and build cutting-edge methods and experiences that will change the future of the world for the better.............

Harm van Maanen
Managing Partner
Die BrückenKöpfe

As Executive Vice President at Springer Science & Business Media, Harm van Maanen was responsible for all activities of Germany’s leading medical publisher............

Oliver N. Hagedorn
Founder & CEO
Avesco AG

Oliver is the founder and since 2003 CEO of avesco. In addition, he is founder of the Rating Agency Sustainability Intelligence and co-founder of the Healthcare Think Tank Die Brückenköpfe, both of them based in Berlin...........

Christian Angermayer

Apeiron Investment Group

Christian Angermayer is a serial entrepreneur and investor born in Germany and based in London. He runs Apeiron Investment Group, his own family office and merchant banking business..........

Jochen Wermuth
Wermuth Asset Management

Jochen Wermuth is a member of the steering committee of “Europeans for Divest-Invest” a peer-to-peer investor network and the 100% Impact family office network.........

Pierre-Yves Augsburger
Senior Consultant
Fuchs Group

Pierre-Yves Augsburger is born in Switzerland in 1955, and spent his scholarship in the Swiss Jura (Neuchâtel), the homeland of the watchmakers. He also discovers the twisty roads that he often travels in winter with rally driving style........

Kristian Orban
Founder & Managing Partner

Mr Orban is founder and managing partner of Oriens, a leading merchant bank in Central Europe. Oriens conducts its principal investment activity through the Danube Fund........

Premala Matthen
Premala Matthen Art Advisory

Coming from a family of Art collectors and growing up in several countries around the world, Premala was always surrounded by Fine Art of diverse tastes...........

Marianne Abib-Pech
Author, former CEO, Shell aviation, CFO, Billiton, MD, GE Capital

Marianne Abib-Pech is the Former CFO of Shell Aviation, having spent her formative years in Arthur Andersen (Audit and Advisory Services) and General Electric (Business Finance), exposed Marianne to the best in leadership trainings........

Constantin Prinz zu Salm-Salm

Salm-Salm Family Office

Prinz Constantin zu Salm-Salm studied business economics. Already during his internationally aligned (e.g. in Tokyo) studies.......

Dr. Peter Laib
YIELCO Investments AG

Dr. Peter Laib (born 1966) is Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Member of the Investment Committee of YIELCO Investments AG.......

Dr Percy Barnevik
Honorary Chairman
Hand in Hand International

former CEO/Chairman of ABB, Astra Zeneca, Skanska, Sandvik, Investor (The Wallenberg group) and a former board member of American DuPont and General Motors.......

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    He holds seven honorary doctorates in the US, England and Sweden and is a member of the US Business Council. He held the post of Swedish CEO of the Bilderberg Group as well as vice Chairman of the Economic Summit in Davos.

    In the last 14 years, Dr Barnevik has dedicated most of his time and resources to philanthropy, in particular to the build-up of Hand in Hand for which he is Honorary Chairman. 210,000 children have been taken out of child labour to attend school.

    Hand in Hand has mobilized and trained over one million poor women to become entrepreneurs and more than 1,2 million enterprises have been created. Currently 1000 enterprises are started each working day and Hand in Hand operates in all continents.

Dr. Konstantin Mettenheimer

Konstantin Mettenheimer advises entrepreneurs and families on questions of strategy, corporate finance and wealth management.........

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John Kim
Managing Partner

John’s career has taken him across a diverse range of operating and investing environments from... ......

Dr. Falko Paetzold
Initiative for Responsible Investment,
Harvard University

Dr. Falko Paetzold researches and teaches sustainable investing and impact investing for ultra-wealthy families........

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    and their younger “Next Gen” members; specifically through programs at the Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management, and the Chair of Sustainability and Technology at ETH Zurich.

    His PhD with the University of Zurich initiated the exploration of barriers for sustainable investing and impact investing in private wealth management. Between research and teaching, he advises banks through the sustainable investing consulting boutiques Contrast Capital in Zurich and Granito & Partners in Sao Paolo. Falko also runs the network GreenBuzz to enable intra-preneurs to drive sustainability ahead within large firms.

    Falko spent four years as Senior Sustainability Analyst and Inhouse Consultant at Bank Vontobel AG in Zurich. He holds a PhD with magna cum laude distinction from University of Zurich and an MBA degree with Dean’s List distinction from University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland.

Dr. Marc Herzog
Founder and managing partner
Frontiers Management Consulting Ltd
Family Office Consulting Ltd

Dr. Marc Herzog is founder and managing partner of Frontiers Management Consulting Ltd. (since 2003) and Family Office Consulting Ltd. (since 2008), following several senior management positions with leading international management consultancies and years of teaching at University College Dublin, Ireland....... 

Desiree Kogevinas

Independent Advisor

Desiree Kogevinas is an independent advisor with extensive experience in building health infrastructure for World Health Organization programmes. She specializes in strategic communications and marketing and business development.........

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    She has worked in venture capital for both high-tech and biotech funds and for various UN development projects. Desiree leads programmes in advocacy and resource mobilization for intergovernmental organizations focusing on donor engagement and building strategic partnerships.

    She is committed to the new paradigms that are driving impact and philanthropic engagement from private investors and the international business community. She advises companies and intergovernmental organizations on the development of multi-stakeholder networks to create momentum behind some of the world’s most challenging development issues particularly in the health sector.

Frank M Salzgeber

Head of Technology Transfer
European Space Agency (esa)

Mr Frank M. Salzgeber is the Head of the Technology Transfer Programme Office at the European Space Agency (ESA).......

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    Prior this post he was the Head of Commercial Development in the European Astronaut Department of the Directorate of Human Spaceflight Microgravity and Exploration at the European Space Agency.

    Prior to joining ESA, Frank held the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO and CFO) at an IT start-up headquartered in Munich, Germany, between 2000 and 2003, which he merged with CANCOM SA.

    Frank also spent seven years at Apple Computer (1993 – 2000) initially as an account manager and then as a sales manager, covering Central Europe and being positioned in the US and Czech Republic.

    Being genuinely passionate about the importance of human space flight and the European Space Programme, Frank’s believes that ‘a society that stops exploring stops progressing’.

    Frank is a member of the advisory board of the Triangle Venture Capital Group, the boards of directors of European Business Network (EBN), Strategy Audit Advisor to Fraunhofer IIS and was founding chairman of the EIROforum (CERN, EFDA-JET, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, European XFEL and ILL) working group on Innovation management and knowledge /technology transfer.

    Frank holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, is married, has two sons and lives in the Netherlands and Bavaria.

Philipp Kauffmann
Chief Grower
Original Beans

Philipp Kauffmann is founder-CEO of Original Beans, an award-winning chocolate and conservation company that Business Week describes as “making the world better through chocolate”......

Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M.
PVA Advisory, Zürich

Christin is the founder of PVA Advisory, an independent Philanthropic- and Impact Investing Advisory Firm based in Zurich (founded in 2011).......

Negin Bemanzadeh
Chairman & CEO

Negin is currently a visiting student at Oxford. She studied English Literature and Accountancy in the UK, followed by working at the largest ACCA practice in the UK for three years........

Peter Brock
Family Office Services Leader EMEIA and GSA
Ernst & Young GmbH

Since over 20 years Peter works in Investment Banking / SME Corporate Finance transactions and in Private Banking initially at Deloitte in London, the WestLB-Group, HSBC Trinkaus, Sal. Oppenheim and with IMAP M&A Consultants.......

Dr Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo
Director of Nutrition & Lifestyle
The Kusnacht Practice

Dr. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo specializes in Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching, Sustainable Weight Management, Burnout Prevention and Resource Management.........

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    She also has extensive training in Biochemical Restoration and health.

    At The Kusnacht Practice she is responsible for coordinating in-depth laboratory testing which is used to detect particular biochemical and neuro-chemical imbalances and deficits which often underlie a client’s physical or mental discomfort.

    She collaborates with the Practice’s medical director to improve all clients’ well-being, energy and health. She also liaises with the Practice’s personal chefs and trainers to formulate a holistic treatment program.

    She completed postgraduate studies in Human Nutrition at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and completed her Doctoral Degree at the University of Zurich’s Institute of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.

    She is widely published on a variety of medical issues and is a member of the Swiss Society for Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention, and the Swiss Society for Nutrition.

Dr. Artus Pourroy
Blue Asset Management


Dr. Artus Pourroy is the Co-Founder and a MD of Blue Asset Management which has €1,4 bln Assets under Management. He is responsible for the company’s management, its strategy and key clients......

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    Before this Artus was for 10 years MD of Babcock & Brown GmbH with responsibility for the German commercial real estate business and directly involved in more than € 2.6 bn of property acquisitions and € 1.6 bn of dispositions. He also had an instrumental role in the growth of the company´s German asset management and co-investment business with institutional clients with € 3.3 bln assets under management. Prior to this Artus was Head of Lease & Asset Finance at HypoVereinsbank and Senior Vice President in the Project Finance Department covering large telecommunication, infrastructure and industrial projects.

    Artus holds a Ph.D. in Competition and European Law (Humboldt University, Berlin), a diploma in Law (Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich) and joined courses in Corporate Finance and Accounting at London School of Economics. Before that he joined a post-graduate 18 months trainee program as “Credit Analyst for Real Estate and Corporates“ at HypoVereinsbank AG in Stuttgart & München.

Lina Kouatly
Managing Director

Dr. Kouatly started and built Lunatus to be a multimillion dollar company in 12 years and ranks 40th from the Top SME in the Gulf region. .........

Nalaka De Silva
Senior Investment Specialist Private Markets
Standard Life Investments

Nalaka is an asset class specialist for private markets. He was previously responsible for developing global real-estate investment strategies for international institutional clients and supporting UK institutional clients..........

Anthony Kettle
Portfolio Manager, Long-Only and Alternative Strategies
BlueBay Asset Management LLP

Anthony is a Portfolio Manager within the Emerging Market Corporate Debt Team. Anthony joined BlueBay’s Portfolio Asset Servicing group in March 2006 where he..........

Andris Rengitis
Head of Real estate department
CBL Asset Management

Andris Rengitis joined CBL Asset Management in 2013 to head the real estate department and manage three real estate funds. He has 10 years of industry experience and..........

Florian Kemmerich, MSc
Managing Partner
Bamboo Capital Partners

Florian is Managing Partner of Bamboo Capital Partners, Founder of Ryan-Kay and Board Member of numerous organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Science in..........

Panos Kiayias
Executive Chairman
Newport Private Group

Panos is a founding partner of Newport Realty Trust and the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Kiayias is also the founder and Executive Chairman of Newport Private Group..........

Michael Bauer
Chief Executive Officer
Cellestia Biotech AG

Chief Executive Officer and Board member of Cellestia Biotech AG, Basel, Switzerland. Michael is a senior drug development professional with over 18 years’ experience in the life sciences industry...........

Roberto Barzi
Fort Rock Capital

Roberto Barzi is a Founder and Managing Partner of Fort Rock Capital. He has more than ten years experience in private equity and direct investing, including with the international investor 3i, where he was a leading member of the global healthcare group............

Dr Mario Alberto Accardi
Venture Partner
Fort Rock Capital

Dr Mario Alberto Accardi, PhD, is a Venture Partner at Fort Rock Capital, where he focuses on venture capital investments in the life sciences and currently sits on the Boards of vasopharm GmbH and GNS Healthcare............

Elena Yakovleva
SKOLKOVO Programme for Successors

Elena graduated from the National Research University - Higher School of Economics.............

Dr Lisa Dyson
Founder & CEO

Dr Lisa Dyson is a mission-driven entrepreneur with a passion for creative problem solving. Dr. Dyson is the founder & CEO of Kiverdi, a technology company commercializing nutritional ingredients to help feed the world..............

Holger Knauer
Catana Capital

Holger Knauer is the CEO & CRO of Catana Capital. Prior to that Holger Knauer was a board member responsible for risk management and operations........

Bill Skillman
President & Chief Executive Officer

Bill Skillman has 30 years’ experience in the life sciences sector, including as a senior executive and international commercial business leader with Johnson & Johnson’s Transfusion Medicine business........

Ronald J.B. Wijs
Loyens & Loeff

Ronald is a partner with Loyens & Loeff, one of the largest continental European corporate law firms.........

François Mereau

Mereau Partners

François Mereau is an active investor for his single family office Mereau Partners in life science companies both at early stages and after their listing, covering main therapeutic areas..........

Dr. Katharina Sommerrock

LGT Impact Ventures

Dr. Katharina Sommerrock is Head of Philanthropy Advisory at LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGT VP), the venture philanthropy/impact investing initiative of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and LGT...........

Peter Wüthrich
Senior Advisor
onValues Ltd

Peter works at onValues Ltd., a Zurich based investment consulting boutique for private and institutional asset owners with long investment horizons............